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With experience marketing both products and services in a variety of industries and segments, Beaming Brands blends customer experience with best marketing practices to increase sales.

Often focused on big, blow out launches, effective product and service marketing encompasses so much more.

Our services bring value to our clients from early conceptualization, where understanding the customer's decision process is paramount. We take those findings and incorporate them into an actionable, well communicated plan, and finally, develop the steps necessary to measure and nurture sales following a successful launch.


  • Positioning Strategies
  • New Product & Service Launches
  • Benchmarking
  • Product & Service Education
  • Value Statements
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Shop-Alongs
  • Customer Journey Analysis
No matter the depth in which our clients utilize our product and service marketing options,
Beaming Brands is intensively focused on one objective:

Sustainability of your offering and your business.
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